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cw-law-stone Schema


CW Law Stone


The cw-law-stone smart contract aims to provide GaaS (i.e. Governance as a Service) in any Cosmos blockchains using the CosmWasm framework and the Logic OKP4 module.

This contract is built around a Prolog program describing the law by rules and facts. The law stone is immutable, this means it can only been questioned, there is no update mechanisms.

The cw-law-stone responsibility is to guarantee the availability of its rules in order to question them, but not to ensure the rules application.

To ensure reliability over time, the associated Prolog program is stored and pinned in a cw-storage contract. Moreover, all the eventual loaded files must be stored in a cw-storage contract as well, allowing the contract to pin them.

To be able to free the underlying resources (i.e. objects in cw-storage) if not used anymore, the contract admin can break the stone.

AbstractExtensibleStatusIdentifiableCustom PropertiesAdditional PropertiesAccess RestrictionsDefined In
Can be instantiatedNoUnknown statusUnknown identifiabilityForbiddenAllowednonecw-law-stone.json

cw-law-stone Type

unknown (cw-law-stone)