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OKP4 is a revolutionary public PoS layer 1 specifically designed to enable communities to trustlessly share data, algorithms and resources to build the Dataverse

The OKP4 protocol enables anyone to create Data Spaces where communities can agree on rules and contribute with any data source, algorithm, storage or computation resource to create new data applications. Anything can be indexed and orchestrated by the protocol according to defined rules to minimize risks and costs & maximize opportunities and data sovereignty.

OKP4 is designed to become a vibrant hub of incentivized data providers, developers, data scientists & users designed for maximal, tangible value creation & real-world coordination.

There is no trusted third party designed to extract value from its participants or who can unilaterally change rules. The technology, the blockchain, its smart contract and the development kits are here for builders and communities to innovate on a new generation of web3-native apps, way beyond Decentralized Finance!

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