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In our digitalized world, one of the most efficient way to unlock knowledge is through data. But data is rarely shared. It stays in silos, isolated and protected. As such, data is under-used and under-valued. Generating knowledge from data is theoretically infinite. That's why an incommensurable amount of value could be unlocked through data sharing. Today's problem is that individuals and companies restrict access to data and information, mostly because of risk, complexity, costs and lack of incentive.

OKP4 is a public PoS layer 1 blockchain built for trust-minimized data sharing. OKP4 is an open interoperable smart contracts platform for highly customized rules, governance mechanisms and business models to align interests between participants and build useful distributed applications.

OKP4 protocol allows the creation of fully customizable Data Spaces where communities can agree on rules and contribute with any digital resource (dataset, algorithm, storage or computation resource) to create new knowledge and applications. Anything, even identity and consent solutions, can be indexed and orchestrated by the protocol according to defined rules to minimize risks, costs, and to maximize opportunities while keeping data sovereignty.

Data Spaces can be nested and overlapping, as one dataset can participate in many Data Spaces, and many applications can be built on top of one Data Space. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: this is the Dataverse. Thus, the Dataverse is an ever-extanding universe comprised of all the Datasets, Algorithms, Softwares, Infrastructures, Identity solutions, Workflow Engines, and other resources referenced in the Blockchain.

Users can interact with OKP4 Blockchain through Dataverse Gateways designed with the best user experience. Especially, the Portal and the Explorer are the ultimate way to navigate into the Dataverse while the workflow builder facilitates the creation of new knowledge.

Anyone can create or customize Data Spaces and Applications using OKP4 Development Kit. It allows anyone to build and design with as much freedom as possible, as simply as possible.

Across the vibrant ecosystem of OKP4, participants can choose from several functional roles in the protocol - depending on their technical skills, risk tolerance, desired activity level and resources at their disposal: Blockchain Participants (validators, delegators, DAO participants), Data Space and Dataverse participants (data and services providers, consumers, curators, governors) and application participants (builders and end-users).

$KNOW is the native token of the OKP4 Blockchain and the only staking token of our Ecosystem. They are a license for the holder to validate, delegate to other Validators or vote. $KNOW tokens can also be used to pay for transaction fees. Additional inflationary $KNOW and block transaction fees are rewarded to Validators and Delegators.

Multiple use cases are now possible in all verticals and geographical scales. Through trust-minimized data sharing, a new land of opportunities emerges for people and companies, where there is no trusted third party designed to extract value from its participants or who can unilaterally change rules.

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