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OKP4 Whitepaper & Documentation

Welcome! OKP4 is a public PoS layer 1 blockchain built for trust-minimized data sharing. OKP4 is an open interoperable smart contracts platform for highly customized rules, governance mechanisms and business models to align interests between participants and build useful distributed applications.


What is OKP4? What is it for? What is the technical architecture?

Nodes & Validators

Everything that an OKP4 validator should know.


Get to know more about OKP4.

Learn OKP4 concepts

Learn OKP4 in 5'

Discover OKP4 and all of its features.

OKP4 Blockchain

Everything about the first blockchain designed for digital assets sharing & coordination.

Data Spaces

Everything about Data Spaces : the ecosystems of data and service sharing.


Everything about Dataverse : the ever-extanding universe comprised of all the Datasets, Algorithms, Softwares, Infrastructures, Identity solutions, and other resources referenced in the Blockchain.

Run OKP4 Nodes


Learn how to set up a node for the testnet and later on for the mainnet.

Join Testnet

Learn how to become a validator and join the testnet.

Know more


Get to know more about OKP4.

Social Networks

Follow our different social networks.


Contribute to the OKP4 protocol and gateways.


Know more about our vision.


OKP4 in a nutshell.

Welcome to the OKP4 community! Find out more about us at: